Typing stuff

April 2nd, 2014

I’ve always wanted to do a fanzine, but I’ve just never gotten round to doing it. What I love about fanzines is the fact that the writer is in absolute control and can do and create exactly what he/she wants … But even though I love the freedom and anarchy of the fanzine my brain just doesn’t seem to understand the concept. Before I’ve even typed the first word, I’ll start imposing stupid rules on myself in regards to theme, style and content until I get so anxious about the whole thing I don’t want to do it anymore. And another “problem” is reading other peoples brilliant blogs and thinking that in order for me to pollute the internet with my ramblings I’ll have to do something as good.

But no more! I’m promise myself that if vanity rears it’s stupid ugly no good procrastinating head, I will punch out all of its teeth and wear them as a trophy necklace. It’s not like anyone’s ever going to read this thing, but I don’t care! I want to make a fanzine/blog/journal (blogzinal?), even if I have absolutely no idea about what to write and how. And this is my first entry. About doing stuff, even if it’s about nothing and just for the sake of typing words.

I’ve also been going to a lot of gigs since I moved to London in January 2013 and I play in a couple of bands, so there should be plenty to write about! I might even write about some of the amazing blogs I read and feel intimidated by.