Pams + Flemmings 2014 tour

Tour Picture_Camille Fry

From left: Emily, me (do I always look this hungover?!), Satori, Ben, David, Jez and Louise. Photo by our excellent roadie Camille.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we got back from our tour! I seriously feared that my hangover would be permanent this time, cause it didn’t feel like the kind you can simply cure by sleeping. Fortunately it did go away – but then I went and got one that was even worse after I played a gig with Fulhäst this Saturday. One of these days, I should really grow up …

But the tour was awesome! We did it the real DIY way, “get in the van” style – just decided that we wanted to do a tour, coerced some very nice people into putting us on, rented a van – and hit he road. Since I play in both Flemmings and Pams, I got to play two gigs per night. It was a really cool deal, cause if I felt like I was slightly off with one set, I could always get payback on the next.
Honestly I think we were actually pretty 100 % “ON!” all the way to 11 most of the time.

Going on tour was super fun, and it was great to hang out with so many super cool people – and I was extremely happy to see that quite a few people at the gigs actually seemed to dig us! I learned so much from playing those shows – and I managed to write a pretty gnarly Black Flag pastiche, whilst I was moping in the back seat. Take that, Henry Rollins!

Flemmings tape out now!

Flemmings tape

I’ve been keeping pretty busy with music stuff lately, and my band Flemmings has got a tape out now, which we recorded and mixed ourselves – and I’m super proud of it!

Being me, of course there’s a lot of stuff I would want to change, but I also learned a lot from recording these songs. I feel like I’m finally able to record a song more or less the way I’d like it to sound, which has always been a dream of mine.

The tape features 6 songs, with a running time of a whooping 12 minutes! It comes with a download code for songs we are currently having mastered so they’ll sound extra loud and punchy.

Making this tape has been tons of fun, most of all because my band mates Jez and David are the most amazing guys in the world as well as brilliant musicians. I really learned so much from them and they’ve been incredibly supportive and patient with my constant changes of mind and lack of self confidence. Writing this type of 90’es inspired indie rock has been something I’ve wanted to try for years, and I think we’ve been pretty unapologetic about the sound and style we like – and been wearing our references on our sleeves.

We’ve already got some new songs lined up, which I think are probably the best ones we’ve done so far, and I can’t wait to get those recorded too. But for now, here’s our first tape!